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Highest Quality Leather Holster With Mounting Kit

Lock stitched heavy duty top grain leather is dipped dyed and pressed around your firearm and baked to shrink the leather for a glove like fit. Once dry the holster is buffed, finished and tested with your firearm. The mounting kit includes all required hardware and a rigid, angled riser block provides room for your draw hand.


There for Your Safety, Make it Work for You

  1. Should drawing your firearm require anything more than a simple one handed motion?
  2. In a life threatening situation, how much time do you want to spend before stopping the threat?
  3. What’s the best place to holster your firearm in your car?


Fastest Possible Access to Your Weapon

Driving with a body holster is terribly uncomfortable. Not to mention your firearm is useless wedged into your back between you and the seat. Good luck digging it out in any reasonable amount of time to consider it useful for saving a life (your life?).



  1. (Cadillac SRX) Received the holster for my Springfield .45 Ultra Compact recently, and installed it, today, in my 2009 Cad. SRX - no problems.  Nice materials and workmanship, and a perfect fit on the weapon.
  2. (Ford FX4) Texas Custom Holsters for a GREAT Holster in my 2012 Ford FX4 console. Works, and Looks Great. I did have to add 1/4" to the back standoff. But other than that great.
  3. (Chevy Tahoe) I wanted to send you a couple pictures of your holster in my wife's Tahoe that I mounted last night. Your holster worked perfect. Thanks for a great product.


Eliminate Havoc, Confusion and Chaos

Flipping around in your glovebox, or buried under CDs, cigarettes, lighters, business cards, beer cans, chewing gum, and breath mints, is no way to guarantee fast and accurate access to your firearm at the unpredictable moment in time when you’re in need. Instead mount the holster and keep your firearm in place.


Now Operating at Full Potential in Your Car

  1. All holsters manufactured in Austin, TX from the highest quality materials available
  2. Minimum mounting requirements (3 small #6 screw holes)
  3. Maximum driving comfort and weapon accessibility in your car
  4. Minimum time and action required to locate and draw your firearm
  5. Place your weapon in the best possible life saving location
  6. No hassle return policy, if you don't like it, send it back

Glock manufacturers a wide variety of variations on the Glock 17, for most, we have specific presses, however, they all maintain such close resemblance that you’ll likely find all of your Glock models fit nicely into any Glock gun holster that you order from us.

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