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Smith & Wesson

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Smith & Wesson makes a very wide variety of handguns both semi-autos and revolvers. We can press nearly all of them. See sample pictures to the left.

This gun holster is engineered to be mounted to a surface in your car, home or office. Unlike traditional pancake holsters, these holsters are pressed to allow the holster to be mounted to just about any surface rigid or flexible, flat or curved. The holster mount measures 5.5" x 5.5" and has a sloped rise from ¼" to 1" lifting the handle over 1" off the surface providing room for your hand to effortlessly grasp and draw your firearm.

The holster mounts securely in place using three small diameter (#6) screws and can be adapted for easy removal from your vehicle. Included mounting kit comes with everything you need: A vibration dampening rubber riser pad, a mounting bracket, both self tapping screws and machine screws with self locking nuts and washers. Every holster is all leather, hand stitched, dyed and pressed to your specific gun model, and includes an additional magazine holder on the back of the holster.

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