Always Armed — Carry

Safest Carry Pistol

Carry gun gun carry Pistol safest safety situation

The safest carry pistol for you will probably be different than the safest one for me since the term safest changes from person to person and from situation to situation.  The type of gun you carry is a big part of who you are, even making the decision to carry any type of handgun for your personal protection is a major lifestyle choice that isn't for everyone. The primary key to safely carrying any gun is to make it a lifestyle decision.  That is to make this decision so important to you that it becomes part of what defines you...

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A Gun in That Console?

23 and 32 car Carry console Glock 19 handgun holster Pistol

In Texas we seem to want our guns to be out of sight at all times, and that includes while you're driving in your car. That immediately highlights a few places that we would like to put our guns like in the glove box or, even better, in the center console. The best place for your guns in your car depends heavily on the car, how is the console designed? How is the dashboard designed under your steering wheel? How big is your glove box? We're always looking at ways to safely carry in the car here at and...

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