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Kill Your Complacency

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Wake up America! Proceed with caution. Quite possibly some of the following suggestions might aide you in your effort to raise your level of consciousness, become more alert and active. Avoid the daily brainwashing of the popular media and think. 1. Lose the ego - The next time you think that you deserve something because you're so great, try to instead of a way that you could improve. Check your ego at the door at the next brainstorming session at work, and instead try to participate to find the best solution to the problems at hand. 2. Release the animal...

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Alert and Mindful Travelers

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Not very long ago traveling was considered by many to be dangerous. Today traveling is taken for granted by most, at least the fact that you will make it to your destination and back without even a spattering of misfortune. Unfortunately that is not a fact, and today, traveling is just as dangerous as it has ever been; we've just been made to feel as though it isn't. We feel as though safe travel is guaranteed, so much so that we completely take it for granted. I have had several of those conversations with friends and coworkers where someone talks...

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